Diaries: From Self-Promotion to Company Promotion

People have kept diaries for years. It is their way of cataloging the events that transpire in their lives whether they are mundane or the life-changing. Unfortunately with the onset of the digital age and all of its by-products, the popularity of these handy items has somehow suffered a decline. With the advent of the internet wherein one could easily set up a blog and rant or rave away, or with the introduction of certain gadgets like smart phones and tablet computers, which one could use as some sort of portable journal, the number of diary users has definitely taken a plunge. But there is something about these items that makes its ardent believers stick to them despite all the high-tech alternatives that are being marketed on a daily basis.

Using journals has a lot of advantages and this is why it has its loyal following. First and foremost, it allows the ancient art of handwriting to be perpetuated despite the fact that oftentimes people would rather type away on a keyboard. Some individuals actually find a different kind of satisfaction from doing the longhand form of writing using a real pen and paper. As they say, there is something therapeutic with the actual activity of writing compared to keyboard entry.

Consistent use of diaries is also an effective way for people to take time for themselves and momentarily abandon all the clutters of the outside world. This is another reason why journal-writing enthusiasts have stuck to diary writing in the midst of other modern options. This activity allows them to take a breather, listen to what their own mind has got to say about all sorts of stuff, have the chance to dispel all external influences and go back to the “self”. In doing this activity regularly, these people become more attuned to their own character and personality.

Lastly, the use of diaries is much like collecting photo albums. While these photo albums allow individuals to go back to the past with all types of images from the happy to the gloomy, journals let people record their triumphs and defeats through their own words so that later when they opt to revisit all things past, they would be reacquainted with their old selves alongside that self’s various facets, temperaments, and perspectives. Truly these items are indispensable especially for individuals who value the importance of their personal history. Journal-writing is like self-promotion and as you go through with it, you become closer to the best kind of person you are fated to become.

Aside from its personal use primarily in “self-promotion”, journals could also serve other purposes. For instance, they could easily be employed as a company or brand’s promotional item. Since these items still command loyal followers and given the fact that even non-journal users are actually quite fond of owning one of these items even if they do not intend to actually write on it, these items could definitely be effective promotional trinkets.

Here are some types sample products which your company can give to both of your internal and external customers.

Product Variants

A4 Diaries – These items are simple and compact and are best for note-taking purposes during meetings or brainstorming sessions.

A5 Diaries – A more elaborate version of the A4 Diaries, these items come in various colors and designs. They also have specific features that best cater to busy individuals.

Planners and Organizers – These items are typically journals, but some people especially the more earnest ones would rather call them planners or organizers. These are most recommended for busy career men and women or students. Planners and organizers allow the owners to input their daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, as well as write important reminders.

Pocket Diary – Smaller in size, these pocket-sized journal versions are literally and figuratively handy for people who want a diary they could take anywhere and anytime.

Quarto Diary – These items could be considered as the major league when it comes to journal-keeping. They are packed with features and are best for professionals who need to be consistently in control and in command of their time and their thoughts.

Stunning Mother’s Day Gifts – Photo Books and Albums

Photo Books

The hardback photo book is a stunning way to store and share photographs and because the cover can be personalised according to your design, they make exceptional looking personalised Mother’s Day gifts that will prove popular with any Mum. Your chosen photos can be printed on between 30 and 80 sides of 160gsm high grade paper. The standard layout allows for a single picture to be printed on each side but more advanced layouts can be used for a little extra so you could print hundreds of pictures.

Photo Albums

The photo album is a modern, high quality album that allows you or your Mum to mount your own photos. With both the photo book and the photo album, you can customise the front cover to include your Mum’s name, the date, and a picture or montage of pictures. Both also include their own display or storage box on which you can add another unique design to create a stunning item in its own right and a convenient and safe way to store your special Mother’s Day gift.

Your Life Books

A Your Life book is a fun alternative to a photo book or photo album. Based on the popular BBC1 program, pictures can be accompanied by a caption and gold lettering on the cover can be used to print any text you desire. The Your Life book also includes its own storage box too, ensuring that all of the pictures inside are kept in their best condition.

Address Books And Diaries

Hand bound address books and diaries are made from high quality materials. The inside block is sourced from Florence in Italy and then hand bound in London with your favourite photos printed on the front and back of the cover. Address books contain 80 pages of fine ivory paper for storing your Mum’s most important names, addresses, and phone numbers while the 2010 diary which is made extra special through the personalisation of the cover is 140 pages.

Notebooks And Journals

Notebooks and journals use the same high quality materials as the address books and diaries and offer the same personalisation options. Both contain 80 pages that can be used for shopping lists, remembering gift ideas, and for anything your Mum wants to use it for; the perfect replacement for used envelopes and tattered and flimsy shop bought notebooks.

Other Unique Photo Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Photo books and photo albums make ideal personalised photo gifts for Mother’s Day because they are heartfelt and beautiful items but there are many other gift ideas available that can be personalised in the same manner. Other Mother’s Day ideas include canvas prints, photo bags, photo calendars, photo cushions and blankets, and many more.

Travel Journals – Today’s Diary Is Tomorrow’s History

What if you used a trip diary to record a different kind of travel – a journey into the milestones of your life or the lives of loved ones? Did you ever think that your everyday life is an adventure worth preserving?

We travel for lots of reasons, such as to enrich our lives, to relax, or to visit friends and family. Travel journals are the perfect tool to capture our travel experiences, so we can preserve them and relive them.

Historians use diaries to gain information about the past. A good example is Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. Her father’s restlessness caused the Ingalls family to move across the Unites States, which became the basis of these famous books. A more tragic story comes from one of the most famous journals, The Diary of Anne Frank. The author described a journey that forever left a mark on history.

What do Anne Frank and Laura Ingalls Wilder have in common? Neither knew they were making history when they started their journals. Both of these girls lived extraordinary lives but started out writing about ordinary circumstances. When Anne Frank made her first diary entry, she wrote about her birthday. She did not know that her diary would become a book and historical document.

The words ‘journey’ and ‘journal’ come from the same root, from the French word meaning “a day.” Anne Frank and Laura Ingalls Wilder captured the journey of a day. All those days added up to a legacy.

What if you were to start your journal as travel of a day? Can you imagine what you would have if you wrote one sentence and took a photo of something, every day for one year? Perhaps you start out recording the ordinary, but if something extraordinary happened, it would be easy to write about it since you have already begun your daily journal.

You could concentrate on special events, such as social and family gatherings, trips, family traditions, holidays, or historical moments. Perhaps you could write about tiny trips, such as going to a movie or out to dinner. These may not seem important now, but can you imagine your grandchildren reading what you wrote?

What if you made this a family project? Imagine what you would have if every night before bedtime, your children wrote something about their day? In these days of economic uncertainty, a keepsake like this would be priceless.

If you want to, you may add photos to your journey journal. You can keep them on a CD or DVD and store them in a pocket in your diary. If your journal doesn’t have a pocket page, you can attach a CD sleeve to the inside back cover.

You can start your armchair travel anytime. Your birthday, the New Year, or today. Remember, you are capturing history, and history does not make an appointment. So why not start now? You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Oscar Wilde wrote, said, “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” Perhaps your journal will not make for sensational reading now, but later, when the memories are cold and forgotten, you will have created a legacy.