4 Personalised Father’s Day Gifts – Items For the Photo Lover

1 – Photo Books

The photo book is a convenient photo lover’s gift idea. The standard layout enables you to print a single pictures on every side of the photo book pages and you can even customise the cover and presentation tin too. However, more complex and beneficial designs can also be used in order to ensure that you get exactly the look that you want from the finished gift.

2 – Photo Albums

The photo album is a more traditional photo lover’s gift but the modern incarnation of the photo album also allows for a customised cover and presentation tin. Gone are the days of picking a photo album with a grey cover or one that most closely resembles one of your Dad’s passions. Now, you can create a photo album using your own cover design – this could be a picture of you, the whole family, your Dad, or his car. The exact design really is your choice.

3 – Diaries, Address Books, And Notebooks

Other types of book can also be customised through the addition of a design to the cover. Address books, notebooks, and diaries are extremely useful and convenient and will be used and enjoyed regularly. These hand bound books have ivory paper and the quality of the photo print on the cover means that even when the year finishes your Dad won’t want to throw away his diary or photo book.

4 – Photo Calendars

The photo calendar not only offers daily use for your Dad but also enables you to customise every single month of the year. Each month is printed on its own page and includes a photo and caption that you can choose or write yourself. You also design the cover by adding another photo and writing a title. Like the photo books, the photo calendar is exceptionally high quality so will serve as a photographic reminder of how much your Dad means to you for many years to come.

Adding Photo And Father’s Day Greetings To Personalised Gifts

The greatest way to show your Dad how much he means to the family when buying personalised Father’s Day gifts is to add family photos and a personalised Father’s Day greeting. However, you can add pictures of any item or topic in order to create something highly unique.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts – Photo Calendars, Diaries, Address Books, and More

Photo Calendars

The photo calendar is the perfect gift item if you’re looking to add a number of pictures without creating a photo montage. You can pick a picture for every single month of the year as well as captions to accompany each one and you can design the front cover using another picture and a title for the calendar. Finally, pick the month in which the calendar should start and then sit back and wait for it to arrive in the post in time for Mother’s Day this year.

Adding Photos To The Calendar

One of the great things about the photo calendar is that it is made from top quality materials. This means that your Mum will be able to keep and enjoy the calendar for many years to come – it may be designed for storing dates and appointments for a year but it is also designed to show off photos and be enjoyed for several years.

Notebooks And Journals

Notebooks and journals contain 80 pages of 120gsm ivory coloured paper and your photo is printed on the front and back of the book on high quality satin. Notebooks and journals are ideal for use to keep notes, write shopping lists, or just to doodle while you’re on the telephone. For a little extra you can even choose a different picture to have printed on the back to make it even more unique and special.

Address Books And Diaries

The address book has proven to be the most popular of all customised photo books and contains 80 pages of alphabetised pages. Choose a photo and have it printed on the front and back cover – while portrait pictures do work best, landscape shots can still be used. The diary is 140 pages of 110gsm paper and measures approximately 1cm in thickness, such is the quality of the paper. As with address books, notebooks, and journals you can also select a second, different picture to print on the back.

Personalised Cards

There are many occasions and events during the year that require the sending of greeting cards; Mother’s Day is just one of those days in the calendar. Personalised cards come in packs of 10 to 40 and you can incorporate as many different designs as you want so that you can stock up for the whole year now.

Photo Boxes

Photo boxes can be a great way to package a gift before sending it in the post or taking it round to your Mum’s but they also make superb gifts as well. The high quality, durable card is both strong and reinforced so that it will be able to hold virtually any item that you want to put in it or post in it. If you do use it to send a photo gift in then your Mum will be able to use the box as a storage or keepsake box afterwards as well.

Personalising Mother’s Day Gifts – Photo Books, Albums, and Calendars

Photo Books

A photo book is an effective alternative to the photo album. Pick the photos you wish to use and have them printed directly on to each of the sides of the photo book pages. The standard print layout is a single photo per side, but you can opt for more complex designs. Pictures can be overlayed on top of other pictures, or you can include text and even use montages of your favourite pictures. The photo book is a very good option if you don’t want to mount your favourite photos yourself.

Photo Albums

The photo album is perhaps one of the first photo gifts that were available. Pictures are mounted on to the pages of the book and you can use standard size prints in either landscape or portrait. The photo album is ideal if you or your Mum enjoys the tactile pleasure that is derived from adding your own photos. The modern evolution of the photo album is a more personalised affair because it allows for the customisation of the cover and presentation tin.

Book And Album Covers

Photo books and photo albums are ideal for showing off family photos, holiday snaps, and pictures from any event. Both also include the opportunity to personalise their cover; both front and back. Pick a picture or create a unique design consisting of photos, pictures, and text, and have this printed on the hard back cover of the photo book or photo album. You can even add a personalised Mother’s Day greeting to make it yet more appealing.

Presentation Tins

As well as a personalised cover, photo books and albums also include their own presentation tin. The presentation tin is ideal for keeping the photos in the best possible condition and to ensure that the book or album lasts a lifetime. What’s more, it can also be customised according to your design. Another great way to add a personal Mother’s Day message.

Photo Diaries, Notebooks, And Journals

The photo book is perfect for sharing and displaying pictures but is just one type of book that can be customised and given as a special Mother’s Day treat. Diaries, address books, notebooks, and journals are among the other great looking personalised book options. Design the cover by adding a photo to these high quality items to create useful and good looking Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Photo Calendars

The photo calendar is a great gift choice if you want to use a number of favourite pictures. Design the cover using a favourite picture and a title to accompany it. Pick pictures for each of the months of the year and captions to be printed underneath. Finally, decide on the month in which you want the calendar to start and you’ve created a quality Mother’s Day gift that will be enjoyed for years.