Photoblogs – The Diary of the Future

Humans have been keeping records of their personal experiences for thousands of years. The earliest humans painted their diaries on cave walls, as seen in the cave paintings of Lascaux, France. With the development of paper and bound books, people began keeping written diaries, mostly for business reference. Samuel Pepys was one of the first writers to take the diary into the personal realm, and many celebrities have since followed his lead by publishing their own diaries. With the advent of the digital age, diaries went online. Now, thanks to easy blogging services, anyone can share their daily thoughts with their friends and family, or with the whole world.

Photoblogging is the latest incarnation of the online journal or diary, and is quickly gaining popularity. Photoblogs (photolog or phlog, as they are also known) are sites sharing photographs with friends and family in a simple blog format. Photo blogging gained popularity in the early 2000s as it became easier and easier to get high quality digital pictures on phones, computers, and cameras. As picture storage capacities increased, more people started looking for ways to share their photos. The future of journaling may lie in this easy-to-use, quick, visually appealing medium. Here are a few reasons why many people enjoy keeping photoblogs.

1. Photoblogs are easy to share. Photoblogs allow journalers to share their photos with large groups of people without having to send out individual physical copies or large, bulky e-mails.
2. Photoblogs don’t clog up email inboxes. By keeping a photoblog, you avoid jamming someone’s inbox with pictures they aren’t really interested in seeing. Instead, visitors may receive updates via RSS feeds, or may simply visit your photoblog when they prefer.
3. Photoblogs may be shared with anyone. When you keep a photoblog, people from all over the world can easily and quickly understand your viewpoint, regardless of whether they speak your language. Photography is an international language.

If you’re eager to begin photoblogging, you should be aware that there are several types of photoblogs available. There are three main kinds of photo blogs:

1. Independent photoblogs. This type of photo blogging is increasingly rare, as it requires the photo blogger to secure a domain, set up a webserver, and install or write the CMS (content management system) code for the site. Maintaining these types of sites can be costly and time-consuming, so most people tend to avoid this photo blogging option.
2. Blog site photoblogs. These photo blogs appears on blog sites designed mainly for text. Sites such as Blogger use devices called add-ons or plugins. These enable the blogger to turn code from text into a picture and are becoming more common on blogging and social networking sites.
3. Photoblog services. The most recent incarnation of the photo blog are sites that have been designed specifically for photo blogging. The built-in code for sites such as Flickr, Fotolog and Photospace allow blog publishers many options as to what their photo blog will look like and how their pictures will be presented.

Photo blogging has caught on in popularity over the past few years as an easy, quick way to document human experiences. Humans are visual creatures– over half of the human brain is dedicated to vision. Photoblogs are the diary of the future because they efficiently communicate human experience through easily interpreted visual records, i.e. photographs.

~Ben Nystrom, 2009

Keep a Digital Photos Diary

Digital Photo Diary – memories that last a life time

The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories.

A digital photo diary keeps some of the big and little memories of our life. With it, you can look back on these pictures, and appreciate the richness of our past.

Let’s look at a easy and effective way to keep a digital photo diary:

Get a easy to carry, point-and-click digital camera

The key is to have a cameras when you want to capture the moment. Portability is more important than image quality. Also, remember to set the date & time on your cameras.

choose a site for store your digital photos online seems to be a good choice at this moment: let you choose your own look for your digital photo albums from its professionally designed styles. It also allows free and unlimited storage space.

Over here, you can personalize your online photo album using easy to remember, Internet address such as “”

Take a few pictures every day

Make it a habit to take at least 1 picture every day. Take a picture of your son’s drawings, or even the tree outside your house. It does not have to have professinoal quality, just something to show what your day was like. While it might seem boring, you would be pleasantly surprise thatwhen you relook at these pictures later.

Upload your picture to your online album regularly – says, once a week.

Remeber to add a few words to describe the photo. Do keep it easy and simple. Do not write an essay for each photo.

See you digital diary grow

Over time, you’ll see your digital diary grow and become quite interesting.

Archive your digital diary

I always recommend that you burn your diary to CDs or DVDs. I usually burn it to at least 2 CDs or DVDs: Just to ensure that my memories will be safe for many years to come.

Other ways to share your digital diary

If you have a personal web site, you may post your digital diary on it. Making a hardcover photobook is also a great way to share it with others.

Photo Blankets – Top Reasons to Choose

Do you know what your mind loves the most? Around 90% of people would say that their mind prefers the thing the most that soothes it most. And who doesn’t know that a good old memory always soothes a mind. But the most disappointing thing is that people cannot stop time. There are so many people who can just live with their old fond memories. That is why they always try to cherish their fond memories.

But the big question that arrives in front of people is how to do it? See, there are so many ways to cherish a memory. Videos, photos, diaries, digital cameras, computers, CDs, the list is very long. But if you are looking for a unique medium to cherish your previous memories you can go for a photo blanket.

A photo blanket comes with amazing appearance. The most important about these blankets is that they are really unique. Long years ago people used to make blankets with different pictures of their everyday life. Today’s picture blanket is its enriched version. These blankets are made with different photos. So if you have so many photographs to cherish you can share it with people by creating a picture blanket.

The picture that you want to get weaved on your blanket can be of anything that you like the most. It may be of your loving pet, your wedding picture, your baby’s cute face or even a group photograph. People generally like to store their photographs in album. In your leisure hours you surely look at those photos and those pictures make you nostalgic. Now you can share those of your fond memories with a large number of people. You can hang the custom blanket on the wall of your bedroom. You can also decorate your drawing-room wall with a beautifully designed photo throw blanket. One thing is obvious that while using, it will surely attract the eye-catch of people and they will also admire your choice.

There are many categories of these personalized blankets but three types of them are really popular nowadays. They are: black and white blankets, color fleece blankets and color woven photo blankets.

Black and white blankets are made from acrylic yarn where the image is actually knitted in different way. These kinds of blankets are very thick but amazingly soft and it usually has a gray binding.

Color fleece blankets are generally made in full color dye sublimation process. If anyone notices these blankets minutely they will find that these blankets usually have a whip stitch bindings. If your choice is excessive soft with moderate thickness then you can go for this category.

Color woven photo blanket is generally manufactured with 100% cotton and it is designed in the woven-in-full color process. These types of blankets are manufactured with fringe binding and they are excessively soft and thick.

The images that appear in the personalized blanket will never fade away in time even after repeated washes as it is neither silk-screened nor printed. You can use it for various purposes. One can also use it as a gift.